Playing the Cello in 90 Days - Beginner Training

Learn to play the cello step by step, so that you can play your first little pieces after just 90 days, even if you can’t read music or have any previous musical experience.

Do you know, why the first steps on the cello usually fail?

It might not have been the right time to play the cello at that time, because you didn't want to or you didn't really enjoy it. In addition, the teaching market is full of freelance musicians who preferred to join orchestras or pursue a solo career. Such teachers often teach half-heartedly and people like you have therefore not learnt what they should have learnt in the first period!

I'm sure you sometimes think this also:

"Is "learning cello" really important now? Shouldn't I rather invest the money and time in something else or in the education of my children? Am I not too old to still be learning something like playing cello? Does it work at all? Don't you have to start early to learn to play properly? Does this even make sense for me?" - Such thoughts are responsible for the fact that 90% of the people do not follow their dreams! Playing the cello is one of them.

In fact, thanks to the internet and the CELLOSPIRIT© method, it is possible to learn playimg the cello even more sustainably and better than through most music schools and private offers. Because I have developed an approach that helps people of all ages learning to play with joy and without having to commit much time and physical efforts.

Imagine if you could...

Playing the Cello in 90 days - for Beginners

This is the 1st digital cello course for adult beginners like you. In this unique online training I share with you my essential basic knowledge from over 12 years of teaching experience. Proven exercises, detailed instructions, a simple 8-week system and inspiring teaching materials help you saving time and focus on learning to read music and play the instrument at your own pace.

What absolute basics you will master after this course:

Your advantages

Focus on Music!

Because the real goal that drives you is: to make music with others later on, to make music together.

Clarity, Simplicity

We practise simply, understandably, step by step and taking into account the latest scientific findings from brain research. Because your body, mind and soul like simplicity.

Individual & personal

With the internet and technical help, problems can be solved faster today. With my years of experience, I also know exactly what helps you.

Learn from a top professional

At the age of 11, I met the famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma in the Thomaskirche in Leipzig and decided to make playing the cello my profession. Since then, I have travelled all over the world, continuously educated myself and accompanied numerous students.

Playing the Cello in 90 days - for Beginners

The essence of over 12 years of teaching beginners with all ages will help you master the absolute basics in a relaxed and imaginative way. What makes this training different from music school or private lessons:

With the CELLOSPIRIT© method you have the support you need! You not only celebrate successes, but also make sustainable progress. So that your cello playing soon knows no bounds.

Your teacher

Psst! You have found a real insider tip with me, because your successes are also my successes, for you I commit myself!

After this course...

An insight into the course for you:

Learning online is the future!

At least when it comes to things that can change your life. You no longer have time to put things off. Your soul wants to live now and do something! Because at some point it will be too late for it, then you may no longer have a human body – no arms and hands to play the cello. This is the chance of your life to tackle your desire. Use it now! Are you ready?


Yes. There are travel/flight/overnight costs and 300,- euros per hour.

In combination with my method: very good. My goal is to get you making music on your own (offline – alone or with others) as quickly as possible. It doesn’t matter if I teach you sitting in the same room or through a screen. Our online classes are just a tool to give you knowledge and content. If your time in everyday life is important to you, then this form of learning is ideal.

Then contact me and we’ll find out what you need 🙂

As long as you give yourself time. If you are in a hurry and implement everything, you can reach your goals in about 90 days. You have unlimited access to the course content, all updates and improvements.

In this case, my advanced course “Cello Secrets” is probably better for you. If you can play in tune, are happy with your posture and have mastered the first register as well as simple bow strokes, i.e. have reached a solid first beginner’s level, then you are free to fundamentally “check” or consolidate your basis again through my course.

The value of this course with exclusive learning area (consisting of 45 videos, 22 worksheets, sheet music, a play booklet + bonus material) and 12 individual sessions is 4,945 euros. In fact, you pay 2,497 euros.

Single parents receive a 50% reduction on the course price.

If you are studying, in training or receiving social support, please send me proof.

A cello, laptop/ PC, a stable internet connection, 5-15 minutes of playing time per day and a desire to do this course!

Click on one of the buttons “Register now!” and fill out the application form. Within 48 hours my assistent or me will contact you by phone and we will briefly discuss your application. If both parties want to work together, we will arrange an additional personal meeting via video to clarify any last questions you may have and to log you into the course – and then we’ll get started!

If I accept you in my course and you want to work with me, you will receive a payment form by email after our personal conversation, which will also serve as proof of invoice. The transaction takes place via a well-known, secure payment provider that accepts all common payment methods. You will receive a duplicate proof of payment with support contact details. In the last step, you will receive an email with your personal access data for the course so that you can log in immediately and start with the content. During the whole process you are not alone, but will be accompanied by my assistant or me if you wish.

Normally, the 14-day return policy does not apply to digital goods.

However, you will receive a 14-day return guarantee from me. If you withdraw from the course within the first 14 days, I will refund 50% of your course price, because I only want participants who want to dedicate themselves to playing the cello voluntarily and with motivation, but who are also able to do so in terms of time, health and finances. You can read more information in my terms and conditions.

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