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  • "I am one of the students who started playing in the age of 50 and the lesson with 
    Louise is relaxing, individual and without pressure. The learning is based on a
    neuropsychological-pedagogical basis that aims at fast, successful learning. The
    learning is therefore intensive and memorable, the cello units pass like in "flight".
    [Maria, Germany]
  • "Even as a professional musician with great international stage experience 
    (around 100 concerts a year) there are always things a musician would like
    to optimize in order to get closer to his ideal.
    Quite spontaneously, in the
    evening in the hotel after a concert, I wrote Louise my request. The recall
    came promptly the next day.
    In a personal consultation, I was listened to in
    peace, my concerns discussed together in around an hour and actually resolved
    Louise's sensitivity, her high level of competence and

    solution-orientation is astonishing. I warmly recommend Louise."
    [C.M.B., cellist from Germany]
  • I started playing the cello last December and can now play whole pieces. The online 
    master class is divided into different lessons, which I find very practical. I always
    got on well with the site and even if there were technical difficulties at times, I
    only had to write a short message to Louise and she took care of it. Even if I had
    other questions about the cello or the tasks, she was always at my side with advice
    and answered immediately. I enjoy working with her. [Hannah, Germany]
  • My daughter is only 14 and has completed the online program. She likes to work 
    and she enjoys it. Nice to see how it worked so easily. [A. Reisner, Germany]
  • Passionate, devoted, sensitive, competent, empathetic. All of this applies to a great 
    extent to Louise! The patience and calmness with which she has the big picture in
    mind, the space that she gives to unfold without support but always supportive, that
    is absolutely thrilling. So I wish my mentors and lousy embodied this completely. I
    write Mentor because it's much more than just playing the cello. She also understands
    the physical and psychological processes and her own way of life and its connection,
    and knows how to combine all of these in an absolutely profitable way (in every
    respect!). THANK YOU! And the love that she shares with and through music, with all
    of us, can always be felt for me! [A. Langenbach, Cellist & Composer]
  • Open-minded, committed, competent and imaginative. Has a high level of empathy for 
    the individual. We recommend! [Katja, Germany]
  • “In September 2019 I started playing the cello and it was a very hard work for me because cello is the first instrument that I learned. I was very tired of it but really wanted to keep it up! Since i got to know Mrs. Louise Thiele, I have totally changed my view on cello! I´ve made progress in this short period (five lessons!) and even if „online“ is different, I feel at home. After every class I feel relaxed and think positive. Louise is very multicultural and open-minded. You can learn your own favorite music with her and enjoy life! I´m really happy about Mrs Thiele as a teacher.” [Ben, Netherlands]

What you need

your cello, notebook/ computer, internet connection, quite work place

How it works

choose your preferred training program, fill in the sign up form, talk to me online in a free & non-binding consultation, decide if you´d like to work with me as your personal coach and cello teacher

Your benefits

premium service for each level, constant feedback, time- & location-independent, flexible dates, individual training & long lasting experience, custom-made training programs, holistic classes and coaching from a professional

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Premium Offers

Cello for beginners

Learning to play the cello from scratch: reaching your first beginner-level in 90 days step by step with 24/7-support and inspiring online learning material


Cello Course for advanced cellists

Improve your cello technique, get more mental freedom & ease in your playing, develop a living, various and heartbreaking sound


Improvising, Composing & more

Creating your own music, develop composition skills, healing yourself through the power of music


Mental training & Coaching for professionals

transforming inner blocks, developing self-confidence, finding an authentic positioning and market yourself as an individual artist


You have a special wish?

I’d love to hear from you! Whatever your need is, I will do my very best to help you! Please use the sign up form to register and send me a few information about yourself. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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